Shabbat Aba or Ima are chosen weekly. The chosen child leads the class in Kiddush and Challah and the class celebrates Shabbat with popular Shabbat songs, rhymes and fingerplays.

Rosh Chodesh

Every first of the Jewish month is celebrated with a school wide gathering, celebrating the upcoming month through a hands on activity, song and dancing.


Process-focused art is part of every unit introduced. Ample opportunities are always available for open-ended art experiences such as painting or coloring, where children can express their natural creativity. 


Kidokinetics focuses on the gross motor development of the children. The program introduces a different sport every six weeks.


Morah Danit from “Drumming Together” is the highlight of our week! Accompanied by her cart filled with musical toys and authentic drums for each child, Morah Danit introduces the children to popular early childhood songs as well as Israeli folk music. The Drum Circle experience is an excellent opportunity for children to develop self-control, rhythm and creative expression within a fun and dynamic activity.


Our outdoor garden gives children the opportunity to feel responsible for the produce they have planted in the beginning of the season. Watching the children water the garden beds with great care is a magical sight!

Social Circles 

As part of the Conscious Discipline Program, we introduce Social Circles, led by a Conscious Discipline trained professional. In a society that has become increasingly reliant on technology for social interaction, we place special emphasis on teaching social skills and laying a strong foundation for healthy social behaviors.


Our Nursery and PreK classes enjoy a weekly special called Clubs. Every two months children can elect one of three clubs offered. Clubs include Little Chefs, Mind Lab, Gymnastics, Soccer, Basketball, Science and more. 
After School Activitie


The joy of an upcoming holiday is felt in our classrooms. Songs, activities, hands on projects and special workshops such as the Olive Oil Workshop & Matzah Bakery teach the children the beauty in our traditions.