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Dear Parents,


Early childhood is a magical and special time. You’re at a crossroad of letting go of parental attachment to enabling your child to become a confident, independent child.  During this pivotal and momentous stage, we, at JIT Chabad, want you to be secure in the knowing that your child’s initial experience away from home is filled with love, joy and remarkable educational experiences.


As you browse through our website, I hope you gain some educational insight and are enlightened of the culture of our school family.


Our Preschool has become legendary for its warm and nurturing staff, a stellar curriculum and individualized instruction. We believe that each child brings something unique to our program. Our team strives to look at the whole child, therefore recognizing each child’s strengths; allowing them to shine and take pride in their unique selves, while laying the groundwork for their future learning.


Based on a foundation of Jewish values, our curriculum is carefully designed to cover all developmental and academic skills, incorporating the best educational practices in all that we teach, in and out of the classroom.


Our theme-based curriculum seamlessly blends fundamental learning skills with values and stories taken from the Torah, Jewish history and our traditions. Kindness, respect and consideration are at the forefront of our Preschool.


During each child’s journey at JIT Chabad a blossoming occurs, one that we are honored to witness and help cultivate. Our program provides the perfect setting for each child to thrive, and ultimately graduate ready for a lifetime of success-emotionally, socially, and academically.


I look forward to greeting you at one of our preschool tours,


Warm regards,


Rivkie Barash



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