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Our classrooms are well equipped with age-appropriate toys and learning materials.

Our classrooms include the following centers:

Manipulative Station

Small World (Blocks & Building)

Art & Writing Center

Sensory Table

Science (Nursery & PreK)

Reading Corner

Sign In Station


Each room is decorated with a visual schedule, visual morning routine and clearly labeled cubbies for each child. This creates predictability and familiarity in a literature-rich environment.


Our Playground is equipped with bikes and a state-of-the-art structure for children to climb, crawl and slide as they strengthen their Gross Motor skills. A unique outdoor water table allows for scientific explorations.


Our Garden has been planted by JIT Chabad children and our preschool Gardening Teacher Mrs. Karen Fields. Herbs, fruits and vegetables are planted, nurtured and picked by our children to be used for cooking activities at school. Parents can order herbs for their home as well! 

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