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Get some Grapejuice, Challah and special treat, set the shabbat table and take a video of your at home Shabbat Party, singing along to the tunes below!
Send your video to and you will be featured on this site!
07 Shabbos Song
08 Shabbos Is Almost Here
04 Shabbat Shalom
04 Chalah Challah!
14 Mollie Challie
05 Today is Friday
04 We Sing Shabbat, We Sing Shalom
05 Good Shabbos, Shabbos To You
03 Shabbat Is a Comin'
12 Put A Chicken In the Pot
18 It's Good (Fun) To Be Jewish and
12 Thank You G-d
12 The Shabbos Angels
37 Lecha Dodi
39 Sholom Aleichem
44 Kiddush
06 Shabbat Is Here
01 Tot Shabbat
10 The Tot Shabbat Song
04 Challah Days
02 Yom Rishon
01 Bim Bam
43 Hamotzie
26 Chiri Bom
09 Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Shalom
19 A Good Week
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